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The most powerful, cost-effective way of distributing your message and information to a huge targeted network.
Your webcast can broadcast from your office, event venue, or our studio.

Today, the Internet is a vital platform for communication, marketing and promotion. Spectrum can help you master the Internet with a variety of web-based media for your company. From streaming webcasts to video FAQ’s, the Spectrum team can design, produce, encode and deliver powerful web-based media to grow your business. And whether your audience is across town or across the globe, we can deliver your program for maximum impact on your target market. Thinking of web-based media? Give us a call. We have some great ideas for you!


Manage costs and budget by keeping employees productive and bring the venue to them vs. bring an audience to the venue.

Increase your audience by providing your message to the world.

  • Speakers... PowerPoint slides... video... images... all captured, coded and compiled into a live stream for viewers across your industry and all over the world.
  • Utilizes a Content Distribution Network (CDN) to maximize bandwidth for more users and greater stability.
  • With options for multiple screens, full screen playback and even a customized player, your audience receives your message the way you want them to.
  • During the event, you can see live reporting on viewer activity- realtime statistics that tell you who's watching, where they're watching, and on what device... from Mac to Windows, desktop to iPhone.
  • And afterward, don't let that significant effort fade away. We offer output to virtually all filetypes: DVD, .mov, .wmv, mobile devices and more. Offer it as a web download later and maximize the value well beyond the close of the show.
  • The technology we use ties directly into the staging and equipment at your venue. Or we can provide a turnkey package: cameras, switcher, projection, lighting, and sound.

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