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February 8, 2016 Kim Sertich

Is it a consensus now, is the demo reel a thing of the past?


Reading this article, reminds me that all video production companies go back and forth on the value of a demo reel. We all still need one, as there are potential clients who ask to see it. Our demo reel offers a glimpse into our world – who our clients are, that we can edit and what types of production we do. We’ve also trended to having specific demo reels for target audiences such as event staging and resort amenities. But in the end, as this article points out, clients do want to see the steak not just the sizzle, which is why we direct potential customers to our website Spectrum Video & Film where they can view full, completed projects.

I’d love to hear from buyers of video production on whether they were driven to hire a production company on the strength of their demo reel.

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  1. I think of a demo reel as an attention getter in under 45 seconds or so. I watched 10 seconds of your reel when I noticed that it was more than 5 minutes long….I’m out. And I’m certain there are clips in there that don’t demonstrate your best work. Just the best, wow me, infuse your company’s character into it, find a great track and make me know that you have chops.

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