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June 29, 2016 SpectrumVideo

On-Camera Talent, 2D Animation or Motion Graphics – Which is Right for Your Company Video?

What type of video is right for you

I’m often asked by clients what video style is best for their project:

  • on-camera talent,
  • 2D animation or
  • motion graphics.

Rather than tell them, I decided it was best to show how each style is reflected by producing three videos using the same basic script. This created a visual aid to better understand the differences in each.

There are pros and cons for each style that need to be considered, so watch and compare for yourself.

On-Camera Talent


  • Higher credibility since viewer can see crew location, employees, executives, etc.
Viewers can connect to the person on screen
  • Faster editing depending on graphic treatment
  • Good style to showcase service or product


  • More expensive to produce
  • Can incur talent and location fees
  • Crew and equipment are needed for live action segments

2D Animation


  • Friendlier, more playful and visually engaging
  • No on-camera talent, location or production equipment fees
  • The least expensive to produce
  • Currently trending
  • Offers a softer sell
  •  Ideal for training videos


  • May not be taken as seriously due to being a cartoon
  • No talent or location to relate to
  • Hard to promote a service

Motion Graphics


  • Thousands of templates available online
  • Classy, elegant, professional look
  • Can be used for sponsorship video during mixers or at trade shows playing on screen with no audio



  • Most templates designed for photos and texts, so product or company photography is needed
  • Templates can be difficult to modify
  • Requires more editing and an experienced editor


Article by Ken Liljegren, owner and president of Spectrum Video & Film. Spectrum Video & Film is a professional video production company in Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ specializing in corporate, commercial, online social media videos and more! To find out more about how we can help with your next video, visit us at spectrumvideoandfilm.com