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February 27, 2014 SpectrumVideo

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Camera Shoot Delivers for Beneco


     Take one very involved topic (Benefits Enrollment), add in two languages (English and Spanish), two studio shoot days, three on-camera talent, three teleprompters, a huge set and three cameras.

What do you have?
A Classic Spectrum Production. (Saw that comin’, didn’t you? Yeah, we did, too!)

     Beneco, one of America’s largest Benefit Providers, tapped Spectrum to produce two programs on Benefit and Pension Plan Enrollment in English and Spanish. Spectrum provided full script and visual design as well as talent and custom graphics. Three cameras captured both shows in a talk/presentation format that informed, entertained and educated the audience in this very important and involved topic. Custom animated graphics in both languages were produced to add visual impact and strength. Allison Pynn provided make-up. John Friesen edited both programs and Robert Troub provided custom graphics and animation.

The Key Message:
Start saving today…for that dream retirement tomorrow. It’s NEVER too late.
And that works in ANY language!!

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