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July 13, 2015 John Friesen

The Changing Face of The Corporate Video Production Industry.


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“Technology has had a dramatic effect on the video production industry over the last 5 years. A few years ago video production was a highly specialized service that required very expensive equipment. Today, anyone can pick up some cheap equipment and start making videos. At the same time many businesses are starting to embrace video, primarily on the web, as a means of reaching their audiences with engaging and persuasive new content. It’s both the perfect storm and the perfect opportunity for providers and purchasers of corporate video production services.”  While this quote from Jimm Fox was made in 2011, it continues to sum up the video production industry today.  Clients still tend to get what they pay for, so some caution on the part of the client is advised as they allocate their budgets for video production. Lighting, audio, type of camera and even sets, might be factors in the final product desired. Great article Jimm! For more on how we can make your videos the best they can be, visit us at Spectrum Video & Film.

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