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Script to Screen

Video Production

The best productions are properly planned, well written and professionally produced.
As a full-service production facility, that’s what we’re all about.


Pre Production

You have a concept, but how will it play on screen? What about creative? Or maybe you have a vision and need a complete script and visual design. Spectrum can help. Our writers and creative team will work with you to develop a powerful message from pre-production through post. Whatever your concept, Spectrum will make it a reality.


Spectrum offers a wide range of camera packages and crew sizes to fit all types of productions, big and small.

Our fully equipped studio is a vital resource for Spectrum’s clients. Our creative talent combined with your message creates a powerful and unique production. And best of all, our studio comes fully equipped with an overhead light grid, light fixtures and everything necessary to produce high quality, professional productions.

On location is the difference between telling the story and experiencing the story. Our production team creates high quality location production from anywhere in the world. Cameras, lighting, sound and personnel… Spectrum will bring it home.

Post Production

No other component of production makes a bigger difference than professional editing. Post production is meant to be the LAST step of a project. For us, it’s where it all BEGINS! Yes, we can “Fix it in post” if that’s what you need… but we can do so much more! Spectrum will make your project memorable. Our inviting edit suites blend HD video, effects, graphics, animation and music in an expert manner to make your program stand out and get the attention it deserves.

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