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4 Tips for Editing a Live Corporate Event Video

4 Tips for Editing a Live Corporate Event

When on location covering a corporate function that needs on-site editing for playback during the event, these editing tips will help you achieve the results you want.

1.   The Introduction Shot

The opening footage need to be captivating to draw the audience in and hold their interest. Open the video with coverage of participants enjoying the activities – showing the faces of the attendees will engage everyone. Get creative with the footage – with effects or speed of shots.

2.   Determine the Length

Know your audience and pre-determine the length of the video. Include only short, compelling sound bites of the event’s speakers and funny, engaging moments of the participants.

Make sure you everything you add to the final cut is attention-grabbing. Remember, ust because it happened, doesn’t mean it has to be included.

3.   Include Faces

When you add close-ups and mid-shots of people to the video, you make the overall experience more personal. And, the more attractive you make these shots ; the more likely people will remember your video.

Another advantage is  people are more likely to share your video if they spot someone they know. Or, even better, if they themselves are in the video.

4.   Find the Right Music

The music should complement your video without overpowering it. But don’t go for something generic, that holds the same pace and tone throughout. Pick music that has multiple layers and changes rhythm so that you can have fun with the edit. And, edit to the beat, which makes a subtle but effective difference in how a video is perceived.


Do what looks good to the eyes, and play around with clips and music to edit a piece that your audience will remember and want to share..

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