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Detachable Lens Zoom Adapter A Good First Step


While the PZ-E1 is designed specifically for the new Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lens it is an interesting concept that I hope they produce for other types of lens. It’s nice to have power zoom for DSLR cameras, as it’s cost prohibitive to buy a zoom lens. So for now at Spectrum Video, we just rent a zoom when needed.


Customer Service Curse of Knowledge

customer serviceThis article, while pointing out the obvious struggle of balancing your expertise with the client’s knowledge level of what you do, is an important reminder. At Spectrum Video, our clients range from those who know just as much as us about the industry to those who have only a basic understanding, so we always strive to remember that in our communication.


Twitter Giving Top Ad Spot to Brand Videos


This is a gradual roll out of the idea. It will be interesting to see what brands take advantage of the video ad opportunity and if they see actual results. If you have your followers’ attention, you need to have well produced, scripted, shot and edited video messaging. If you are trying out this concept, visit us at https://spectrumvideoandfilm.com.


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